clear conscience

too many people have food guilt. too many people hesitate before they have a bite, or swallow without fully savouring what they have in their mouths. too many people say ‘no’ when they would be much happier saying ‘yes’.

I have found that I have the most guilt when I am not living in alignment with who I really am. I worked answering the phone for Telstra for 6 months, to the day. In performance reviews with my manager, no matter how constructive or wonderful she was, I would feel guilty. And why? Because I was attempting to live in a circumstance that was not conducive to me. I was attempting to fit into a mould that was not ‘me’. I felt I ‘should’ be different, but I wasn’t. Because to work for a company that operates for profit and to be in an air-conditioned office 9-6  is not me.

This leads me to my favourite thing about being vegetarian, and about eating naturally sweetened whole foods. It wasn’t until I explored vegetables that joy took centre stage in my relationship with food. Thoughtlessly eating factory-farmed foods is not part of who I am. Neither is eating processed, nutrient-deficient inedible ‘foods’. Now I know what sits well with me, and it is not the bodily discharges of unhealthy, caged animals.
Living in alignment with that, I can eat this

gluten-free, dairy-free, naturally sweetened pumpkin pie to my heart’s content. Guilt free all the way. Doesn’t hurt my belly, and doesn’t hurt the cows. It will make me grin. It will satisfy me. I will share it without hesitation. And then, my body will tell me quite clearly when I have had enough, when I start lusting after crunchy greens or savoury tempeh.

When I listen, my body will steer me towards balance. And everything I eat can feel joyous. That’s my favourite part.

For my absolute favourite take on dietary balance, Check out Jessica Porter and Macrobiotics at

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