Edible Timeline

Ever wondered how long it takes to make a cookbook, that’s full referenced to journal articles, with a recipe for every occasion, and an image for every recipe? Well here ya go!

2009- Dietary changes began
2010- Cooking and photographing recipes, friends requested shares
Mid 2011- Drew up outline of book structure and began compiling (while completing psychology degree)
Xmas 2011- Met with family friends who would later fund the early stages of the project
2012- Started the company ‘Edible foods pty ltd’, completed business training aug-nov
2013- Researched, wrote, edited, cooked and photographed full time
Sept-dec 2013- Copyediting
17 Dec- 21 jan- Graphic design
22 Jan- 22 feb- Indexing
25 Feb- First proof sent to print
5 March- First print received, graphic design edit
17 March- Second proof copy sent to print
25 March- Delays with book prints due to management changeover
9 April- Books received missing 43 pages, editing, sourcing new print quotes, legal action
14 May- Reprinting of softcover copies, including all pages
20 May- Received softcover proofs, graphic design and content edit
4 June- Sent proofs to print overseas
13 June- Proof company #1 proof received
18 June- Proof company #2 received
26 June- Proof company #3 received
28 June- Approached healthfood stores to stock edible, positive responses!
22 July- After ongoing discussions, printer selected, Print deposit actioned to be paid
26 July- Final business review of edible content
19 August- Deposit on full hardcover print run paid
23 August- Cover finalised, display stand sent to print
27 August- Inner pages finalised and sent to print.
26 September- Kickstarter for print run successfully completed
10 October- Binding complete and express copies received in Australia
6 November- 2500 books arrived in sydney port

One week later, books were delivered in NSW, Australia ready for distribution.

Order your copy today at http://www.ediblethebook.com, or buy instore from a stockist.

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