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Here is a list of products which I have found useful or of high quality. Particularly of interest, products which are plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, local, or supplements. Note not all products are certified vegan or certified gluten-free. The majority of these were purchased in NSW, Australia.

Auromere. Ayurvedic, vegan, all-natural, flouride-free, mint. Product of India.

Miessence Lemon Toothpaste. Miessence is a Brisbane based organic company who make organic, plant based beauty products.

For kids: Jack and Jill. Certified organic, strawberry. 6 months and up.

Shampoo and conditioner by Nature’s Organics are available for very minimal cost at major supermarkets. Vegan, paraben & SLS-free, using sustainably sourced palm oil. Often contain wheat or Gluten

Dairy-free cheese. ‘No-muh, aromatic’, by Vegusto. Non-hydrogenated, palm oil free, soy free. Expensive, available at health food stores. Contains nuts. Product of Switzerland.

Rice: Randall Organic. Sustainable, Australian. Make a koshihikari brown rice, suitable for sushi & risotto.

Cambrian Wild Rice. Certified organic. Available at Woolies and Coles. Imported: Canada.

GF pasta: Explore Asian/ Authentic cuisine. Black Bean Spaghetti. Vegan, gluten-free, organic. Imported from China.

White rice noodles purchased from Asian groceries often contain gluten. Brands such as Melbourne-based ‘Mr Lee’s Kitchen’ make Asian Rice Noodles which are gluten-free. Contact 0296275834.

Kelp Noodles. A raw product. Imported, not organic. Sometimes found in health food stores. Made of kelp, sodium alginae and water, Contain trace iodine.

Tofu: Organic Smoked tofu. Certified Organic.

Tempeh: Most tempeh contains gluten in the soy sauce. Kingson Enterprise hand-make a plain, organic, gluten-free, unpasturised tempeh. Very affordable.

Kuzu: Spiral Foods (Muso). Certified organic. Imported from Japan. Expensive. 1300303794.

Chef’s Choice sell certified organic gluten-free grains. Can be expensive, does not provide information on sourcing.

Dovedale fruit rice and chia bread is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, yeast free, and contains no added sugar. Available at Coles. Australian made.

Naturally Gluten-free make a range of gluten-free breads. Egg-free. Contains yeast. Australian.

Stevia: liquid concentrate. Nirvana. Certified organic. Contains water, potassium, vitamin C, and stevia.

Celebrate health Vegetable stock. Organic. Vegan. Preservative & MSG-free. Low salt. Quite expensive, when stock is relatively easy to make yourself.

Cooksimple make a range of whole ready-to-cook meals in a box. The tibetan dal is tasty. Well-designed, the lentil bag doubles as a water measuring cup. Certified Gluten-free. US-based company. Available through Coles.

Amaranth and other organic products. Olive Green Organics are an Australian company who source quality organics. They can be expensive but provide specific information regarding the international sourcing of the products. They are concerned with the ethics of their products and the effects on the farmers and producers.

Pureharvest make organic products available for purchase at Coles, including Rice Malt Syrup (sweetener), tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) and thick, organic rice cakes. Australian grown & owned.

Honest to Goodness is an organic, wholefood company which values sustainability. Sydney based, and stock aa reasonably priced coconut sugar.

Orgran made a variety of totally vegan and gluten free products, with no added yeast. Products include rice pasta spirals, buckwheat pasta, rice crumbs and quinoa crispbread. An Australian company which exports to over 40 countries. Their products are gluten free and vegan.

Syndian create gluten free, vegan, preservative and additive free, Australian made, no added sugar veggie patties.

Lotus Organic make a variety of products including buckwheat and brown rice flour, savoury yeast flakes, agar agar powder, and oat groats. Available at health food stores. Companies such as Bob’s Red Mills also make some quite functional flour mixes for baking; these are not necessarily wholefoods.

Eden Organic make various products, including sugar-free baked beans. Imported from America.

Loving earth are a Melbourne-based company who make a variety of vegan, gluten-free products. Although sometimes expensive, products are often raw, soaked or sprouted. Wide range includes specialty items such as mequite powder or cocoa butter. Certified Organic. Accept orders online.

White Wings Corn flour is 100% glutenfree.

Heng fai brand is an asian importer who sell products such as goji berries and millet at quite reasonable prices. These are not certified organic and may not have been subject to chemical treatment laws such as those in australia.

Chia ginger Superfood Cereal. Sprouted. Organic. Imported USA. Can be difficult to find; hands-down the best muesli ever.

Energy balls:
Bounce make a rage of protein balls, some of which are dairy-free. Spirulina and Ginseng Defence Boost. Sweetened with brown rice syrup. Available at selected gyms and health-food stores.

Nudie make fresh juice, not reconstituted. Some include health foods such as chia and spiralina. Available for purchase at most supermarkets, some food outlets and service stations.

High dosage Vitamin C: Bioglan Vitamin C. Available for purchase from Chemist Warehouse and other discount chemists. Contains 1g of calcium ascorbate, as well as 100mg of bioflavanoids extract. It also contains hesperidin and rutin which assist with absorption and utlisation of vitamin C. May contain gluten

Premular, for PMS, Chaste tree extract. Flordis Herbal Medicines. (this brand also make clinically proven supplements for IBS, insomnia and anxiety).

Flaxseed oil: Biogenic Health foods. Certified organic. Cold-pressed. 1300552804.

Udo’s Omega 3-6-9 Blend. Canadian based company which distributes throughout Australia.

Restaurant Chains: Iku make wholefood which is generally vegan, with many gluten-free options. Mainly found through Sydney CBD.

DYI nutritional analysis

For a small-size, apartment compost system, consider Bokashi. Visit

For affordable, portable water jugs which filter flouride (in addition to chlorine and heavy metals), try Gentoo.

Woolworths and Coles stock a increasing range of store-brand ‘health’ products such as Brown Rice Crackers (containing kelp) and Biodynamic Organic Almonds. IGA, on the otherhand, tend to have a larger organic range which varies from store to store.

The glutenfree, organic, plant-based and vegan friendly market is expanding daily. Please leave any of your favourite products in the comments below for review, and I will update as required. 🙂


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