Where do you get your protein? & Making Blue Dye

You know you’re a foodie when you spend half your pay on hemp seeds and acai berries, and can’t wait to get into the kitchen and spend 5 hours making a mess (and then cleaning it up). And you know your friends are too if they are on the phone begging you to tell them what you just made.

In my kitchen tonight, I had goji berries, spirulina, golden pea protein powder and hemp seeds, plus the usual suspects: flaxseeds, tahini, dates, raw cashews, pepitas. Some macadamia, walnuts and a red cabbage completed things.

Why red cabbage? In half-asleep half-awake land last week I had a vision that I wanted to make a reality. First, I required blue dye.

Cut cabbage.

Boil cabbage.

Strain cabbage.

Reduce liquid.

Add a teensy tiny bit of bi-carb soda. If it turns green, add lemon. Set aside.

Freshly grind nuts and seeds- here is macadamia, cashews, walnuts, pepitas, hemp seeds and flax.

Mix something wet and something dry together in a bowl with your hands until everything is used up, and you have this:

You can also add cocoa to stuff.