Tonight, I’m gonna record as I go. First, the supermarket.

Next, the kitchen, and some exciting new ingredients that I am looking forward to experimenting with.

I have had an inkling towards creating a dream pizza for a while now. It has been budding in the back of my mind, and I saw an amazing looking recipe for a base from scratch . I am however, yet to explore sorghum gum. So while that idea remains on the bucket list, tonight I was ecstatic to discover some tiny round gluten-free, vegan pizza bases at my 2nd-from-local supermarket.

Layered as follows:
Spread with organic tomato paste and chopped garden basil
Caramelised organic leek
(chop leek, fry in olive oil until browned, reduce to half heat, mix in a cup approx 1 tsp of stock powder, 2 tsp of rice malt syrup, a splash apple cider vinegar and half cup water. add to pan and simmer leek 5mins until it begins to thicken. Voilà).
shredded organic spinach, 2 branches sans stem
Thin sliced pumpkin coated in cinnamon and olive oil, briefly grilled to soften
Pine nuts
Vegan cheese (I used tofutti as a treat)
drizzle over mushroom olive oil

Bake 6-8minutes at 220.

Demolished in as long as it took to chew; I can confidently say this is my favourite of all the pizzas I have ever consumed.

Next. BBQ Sauce. Since moving to naturally sweetened foods, this is one addition I have missed; no doubt today marks the beginning of a lifetime of sauce-ploration.

Fry 1/2 purple onion in olive oil until soft, add 1 tbsp of rice malt syrup and continue heating.
Add 1/2 tin tomatoes, 1 tbsp coconut oil, tsp ginger, paprika, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp rice malt syrup/honey, 1 tsp arrowroot powder. 1/2 cup water. Leave to simmer 1/2 hour. Let it stick to the bottom but not blacken- add a depth of taste to the sauce. add another half cup water and stir continue simmering until desired thickness. add spices as you please. (Next time I will try sweetening with molasses).

And then, Rice Balls.
toss 1/2 red onion and 1/2 cup brown rice in a few tbsp of rice bran oil over heat. add 1/3 celery, chopped. continue to toss. gradually add white wine vinegar and allow it to completely evaporate ‘tostatura’, as done with risotto.

Add 1/2 cup of stock. reduce heat, continue to add water. grate 1 carrot and add to mix. add 1-2 tbsp tom paste. mix through shredded spinach. once rice is cooked and water absorbed, turn off heat. mix through 1/4 cup of chia seeds to taste. these will absorb any extra water and add a little crunch. let sit.
spread a dry surface with rice crumbs. sprinkle with cinnamon. roll rice balls in mix, applying pressure to surface of balls until the outside is dry and relatively firm. shallow fry. Serve with BBQ sauce.

Prior to having a cleaning-kitchen-surfaces fit (an unusual, though regularly irregular occurrence for me), rants to housemate while laying on the kitchen floor, and dancing insanely to Angus and Julia Stone, I also made naughty Lindt dark chocolate sweet n salty licorice bullets tonight, to serve with garden baby strawberries tomorrow.